Dumeas is a website with information about encryption and communication equipment from World War 2 and ealier. The site was created for me to have a place to save my information. At the downloads section files from some projects can be found, for example the Enigma Replica. Under database information about encryption, decryption and communication equipment can be found. At the  techniques section encryption and decryption techniques are explained.  If you want to contribute to the site pleas contact DUMEAS. It is still a new site and we will be working on adding new items to to site.


Upcoming events

In may 2020 we will show our radio equipment from World War 2 during the Franse Slag Mars.
Besides the exhibition there will be activities for children.
They can get their morsecode diploma, use radio's, and talk trough a real WS19 tank set!
Last year this was a great succes so we look forward to this year!
It will be held in Kapelle (Zeeland, The Netherlands). For more information: Local museum: http://www.oorlogsmuseumvitality.nl/, Local hiking organisation: http://www.franseslagkapelle.nl/

Military world map

The information in the databases is combined at the military world map. Here the location of units and events is shown.