Enigma machine M3 replica project

The goal off this project is to built a replica of an Engima machine (M3). This cypher machine is the most known and famous cypher machine from World War 2. It was used by the Germans for encyphering important messages and because of the enourmous amount of possible ways to encypher a messages thought unbreakable. But the English finally broke the Enigma machine and could read the German messages.

To own a Enigma machine is almost impossible because they are expensive. So I thought I could make one myself. I ordered a Creality CR-10 3D printer. But I needed the drawings of the Enigma machine. For this I started searching the internet and came across (thankfully) the following website:

The drawings provided on this website are based of the information provided above. I highly recommend to visit these websites and study the drawings. Pleas also obey to the license agreements given on these websites. The information provided on this website is for free and is not allowed to be used for commercial goals.

Mistakes and faults can be made in the provided drawings and files. I can not be hold responsible for this. Pleas report any mistakes or improvements so we can work together to improve the drawings!  I am also very curious to your printed Enigma machines and pleas let me know about your progres! We can also share pictures and information on this page. If you see one pleas contact us by mail.

The project is not finished yet and there could be some mistakes in the drawings. The original drawings where made for metal and the printer uses plastic. This results in the fact that some parts (especially the rorots) do not fit smoothly, I had the grind and sand the parts for hours. This is NOT a print, plug and play project.

Known issues:
1. Not all the drawings are complete yet.
2. The rotor parts need a lot of sanding and grinding to make them fit.
3. Some small mistakes.

If you have found an problem or solved one, pleas let me know so we can work together to a flawless 3D print project.

  Can you help me?
1. I am looking for as much information about the enigma machine  as possible (photo's, technical drawings, dimensions, technical details etc.).
2. I am looking for drawings about other types of enigma machines and the "Uhr".
3. Does someone have photo's of production facilities of the Enigma machine?

Other information is welcome offcourse. Pleas send a email to: dumeascontact@gmail.com

Drawings database
Open the database

  The project phases
 In the table below the different project phases are defined and links are provided tot the corresponding webpages.
Printing the Enigma machine parts
Under construction
Painting the printed Enigma parts
Under construction
Wiring the Enigma parts

Assembling the Enigma machine
Under construction
Assembling the wooden box
Under construction

The current status!
Currently I have wired the plugboard, lampboard and keyboard. The next step will be adapting the rotor designs and start wiring it. I realised the plugboard and keyboard using microswitches. I will write an webpage on this later on. (21-2-2019)

The major parts have been printed and currently I started wiring the lampholder and one of the wheels. I will have to alter the design of the rotors a bit to accomodate the springs and the plugboard and keyboard need some redesign to make the switches fit. (2-1-2019).


  Currently I am printing all the 3D components and doing a first assembly. It is the first phase of the project. (4-8-2018)