FT-17 Tank replica project

The goal off this project is to built a FT-17 TSF tank. This tank was designed during World War 1 as a radio/command/observer tank. It was also used during World War 2 but by that time it was becoming obsolete. On this page all the information about this project is saved. We share every piece off information free off charge but there could be flaws in the drawings and information. If you see one pleas contact us by mail.

Can you help me?
1. I am looking for as much information about this tank as possible (photo's, technical drawings, dimensions, technical details etc.).
2. I am looking for a FT-17 tank engine (and other parts). The tank was based on a tractor. Does someone know where I might find such a engine?
3. Does someone have photo's of the interior off the tank?
4. How does the drive train off the tank work? How did the driver drive the tank?

Other information is welcome offcourse. Pleas send a email to: dumeascontact@gmail.com

Sources used for the design of the replica. Open the database
Mechanical Drawings database
Open the database
Design document
Open the document

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