Franse Slag Mars 2019

During the Franse Slag Mars people can walk past all the different places where the French army fought during 1940 against the German army.  The Franse Slag Mars is part of the Tourjours Kapelle week. During this week the fallen soldiers during World War 2 are remembered. Beside the different walking routes the museum Vitality was openend and a reŽnactment group showed how the soldiers lived and fought during the war. Our contribution was displaying radio's from the Second World War.
We also had activities for children so they could experience how a field telephone worked and how morse code and receivers worked. They could also listen to Radio Oranje and type on an typewriter. The activity was talking to each other using an real WS19 radio and WS38 radio. This was the radio station during World War 2 on which the Queen made her speeches from England. It was nice to see how the children were interested in getting their morse code certificate for being a secret agent. Dozens of children got their diploma. We would like to thank you museum Vitilaty for the organisation.This was a great succes and we are looking forward to next year.


If you want more information about our equipment or activities we facilitated pleas contact us.
For information about the the Franse Slag Mars you can find it here and information about the museum is found here.